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Dressing animals after surgery.

Along with the growth of veterinary market and sistematic rise of qualifications of veterinary staff and thanks to hard work of doctors and technicans educating cats' and dogs' owners there has been a considerable increase in number of surgeries saving health and life of our patients. The awarness and global view on excessive reproduction and homelessness of animals leads to the growth of surgeries and spay and castration actions.

Removal of cancer tumors, spays, pyometra diseases, internal organs surgeries, musculoskeletal system surgeries or removal of the chain of mammary glands- mastectomy effects in postoperational field. It is diffrent after abdominal surgery than postoperative field after ortopedic surgery.

Very often a question arises whether to use postoperative clothings, protective collars or ready made dressings for limbs.

It's commonly said, that using such protection in most cases is justified or even necessary. Why is it so important to protect postoperative field?

In spite of the fact that most of these surgeries is one of the routine and most often met procedure in vet clinics, and regardless our intense efforts, with every one there is a threat of complications.

That's why it is so important to protect the patient. It's very hard to predict consequences of the behavior of our smart and creative pets and negligence of their owners. Most often is licking wounds or its contamination, which not only lenghten the process of healing but also leads to infections causing serious problems for health and life of our patient. The second one is biting seams resulting dehiscence in many cases ending to hemorrhage.

That is why it is advisible to protect our patient for the first 7 to ten days – untill the stitches are removed and inform its owner about the recommended products minimizing the risk of further infections being caused by animal interfering postoperation field.

Apart from health aspect using protection such as colorful postoperative clothing works on the subconscious of our clients especially on the psychic of their children who are very emotional with all the situation of their best friend being ill and in the clinic.

When the animal is back at home dressed in a practical and esthetic postoperative clothing it is easier for children to accept it and get rid of bed emotions, while parents are convinced that they have done everything to take care of their pet in the best way.

Moreover doctors and technicans have noticed more practical aspect of using ready made postoperative clothing for corps, shoulder, hip or thigh thanks to which they have less work protecting aeras after surgery.

Summerizing, if our main purpouse is to minimize the risk of postoperative infections and taking care of the best health and wellbeing of our patient and its' owners' piece of mind, let us use innovative solutions from manufacturers of protective cloths. Wide range of postoperative clothings offers Grande Finale.